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About MCF Auto Pte. Ltd.

The Team at MCF aims to revolutionize the automotive industry by working close together with car owners thru giving them a clear understanding of the issues picked up, the diagnosis of the problem areas, the solution process and what to look out for in future.

In this era of rapid technological advancement, vehicles today boast of host of dazzling features and creature comforts, and hence, maintenance and repair is no more just a mechanical process but requires a detailed protocol of diagnosis, analysis and post maintenance tests and counter-checks.

Vehicle ownership should be an enjoyable experience and at the same time also an educational process. We are here to enlighten you as best as possible.

Generally, Singapore’s automotive industry is still pretty ‘old skool’. Many car owners still subscribe to the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ philosophy of car ownership. Hence, maintenance becomes a ‘reactive’ chore, where going the workshop more often than not is to fix something that has broken down.  And it is undeniable that workshops generally make better money when major repairs are done. Yet, oftentimes after repairs, the car remains ‘sick’ as the damage has become too extensive for a general repair to solve. Ultimately the unfortunate owner will be burdened with more dreaded visits to the workshop, and be saddled with more repair bills.




We Do It The Right Way


Singapore ranks top as one of the most expensive places in terms of car ownership and usage. Thus, neglected or cars that are not maintained properly are candidates for hefty repair bills.

Typically, negligence is the most critical factor resulting in the break-down of cars, invariably leading to very expensive repair bills.

Interestingly, many understand the phrase ‘prevention is better than cure’ when it comes to health and financial matters, but when it come to cars the situation is starkly different. Many car owners either do not bother, or do not know and hence place blind faith in what their service-advisers tell them to do. This becomes critically important in the area of car maintenance as driving in Singapore places extraordinarily huge stresses on a vehicle. The lack of long distance driving, the common short distance and duration journeys, the frequent traffic jams, the many multi-storey drives made daily and the intense heat and humidity all stress the vehicle in proportions that many car manufacturers do not take account of. So when your car does face a problem, the massive repair bills would show that ignorance is not bliss.


Our Goals for the Environment

MCF Auto also has the goal of helping the world reduce its carbon footprint. All our equipment and processes are tailored to reduce the emissions and harmful gases that pollute our atmosphere. We want to make that special effort to save the environment for our future generations.

Keeping a car in tip top condition will ensure many beneficial factors like the following:-

Good mileage returns per tank of fuel

Better performance

Lesser chance of breakdowns due to wear and tear

Lesser chance of expensive repair bills due to negligence

Reduce carbon footprints

Reduce green house effects

A better car ownership experience

Is this possible?

Yes, it certainly IS possible.

Talk to us today, Let us show you how.